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For this release we wished to add more javadoc, refactor the code to be more readable and add more diagrams to explain the code.


  1. Add the SHIPValidator.jar to your classpath
  2. Test whether it works by using the following command: java no.uib.ii.ship.validation.test.Webform
  3. Add the code below to your application to use the validator. Note that the Validator can be reused.
IValidatorFactory vf = new ValidatorFactory(); //Instantiate a validator factory Validator val = vf.getValidator(); // Create a validator ValidationSummary vs = val.validate(w); // validate the annotated object w System.out.println(vs.toString());


In the folder tex is an article describing the framework which can be used as a first draft of the manual.

Bug in MetaConstraints:

In the work we discovered and fixed a bug in MetaConstraints. This bug was also in the previous two releases, but has been fixed in the downloadable packages.

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