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! style="background:#ffffff;" align="left" colspan="1" | <small>''is working on this release?''</small>
! style="background:#ffffff;" align="left" colspan="1" | <small>''is working on this release?''</small>
| colspan="2" | '''''Release Leader:'''''  [[User:Federico_Mancini|Federico Mancini]], [[User:Dag_Hovland|Dag Hovland]], [[User:Khalid_Mughal|Khalid Mughal]]<br />
| colspan="2" | '''''Release Leader:'''''  [[User:Federico_Mancini|Federico Mancini]], [[User:Dag_Hovland|Dag Hovland]],[http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Khalid_Azim_Mughal Khalid Azim Mughal] <br />
'''''Release Contributor(s):''''' [[User:Federico_Mancini|Federico Mancini]], [[User:Dag_Hovland|Dag Hovland]], [[User:Khalid_Mughal|Khalid Mughal]]<br />
'''''Release Contributor(s):''''' [[User:Federico_Mancini|Federico Mancini]], [[User:Dag_Hovland|Dag Hovland]], [http://www.owasp.org/index.php/User:Khalid_Azim_Mughal Khalid Azim Mughal] <br />
'''''Release Reviewer(s):''''' [mailto:jan-hendrik.kuperus@sogeti.nl Jan Hendrik Kuperus]  
'''''Release Reviewer(s):''''' [mailto:jan-hendrik.kuperus@sogeti.nl Jan Hendrik Kuperus]  

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What does this OWASP project release offer you

what is this release?

Release Name and Version: SHIP Validator 0.3 Release - July 2009

Main Features:

  1. More javadoc
  2. Improved class names
  3. Fixed a bug in the class MetaConstraints
  4. Added diagrams to tex/tecrep/fig

Release License: GNU Free Documentation 1.2 for documents & GPL v3 for code

who is working on this release?
Release Leader: Federico Mancini, Dag Hovland,Khalid Azim Mughal

Release Contributor(s): Federico Mancini, Dag Hovland, Khalid Azim Mughal

Release Reviewer(s): Jan Hendrik Kuperus

Release Mentor(s): None

Release Sponsor(s): None

how can you learn more?
Release Flyer/Pamphlet: validator0.3flyer.pdf

Release Roadmap: Click here to view

Release Main Links: (download)

Release Assessment: Yellow button.JPG Not reviewed/Targeted at Stable Release
Release reviewed under Assessment Criteria v2.0

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