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*GovWare Singapore 2010  
*GovWare Singapore 2010  
*AppSec-Brazil 2010
*AppSec-Brazil 2010
*OWASP BeNeLux day 2010
*HITB Amsterdam 2011
*AppSec-EU Dublin 2011
*AppSec-USA Minneapolis 2011
*OWASP Benelux day 2011
= future events  =
= future events  =
*OWASP BeNeLux day 2010
* HITB Amsterdam 2012
==== Playing the CTF  ====
==== Playing the CTF  ====

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Welcome to the OWASP Capture The Flag (CTF) project!

What is the CTF

The OWASP CTF project is a web base hacking challenge application with challenges categorized in web, network and ‘others’. You require creativity, resourcefulness and networking skills to solve the various challenges. (a copy of the Live CD can help as well)

Open Source?

First of all... sorry, but of course, we can not make the CTF and all challenges opensource. Hereby my apologies for not being as open as I want OWASP and OWASP projects to be.
..I know you understand!

Ahead of the OWASP AppSec-NY in 2009, the idea came up to supply an OWASP CTF event. This has been repeated successfully for the AppSec-EU 2009. Both developed by volunteering individuals, putting in a big amount of work, building the CTF from scratch. As the CTF event was warmly welcomed by those who participated, it was clear, the CTF has to become a event available for each OWASP event. To make this possible, the CTF project has been created!

Can I help?

Shure, we need people who can help in designing and building challenges. Feel free to send ideas (or even finished challenges) to me and I'll try to include it in the CTF.

the CTF at your event

Unfortunately, and I guess you understand, we can't share the current used CTF freely.. For previous CTF applications and challenges, please see the download tab!

To get the CTF at your (OWASP) event, send an email to steven.van.der.baan 'at' owasp.org

  • Confidence 2008
  • OWASP Appsec Europe 2008
  • AppSec-EU Poland 2009
  • AppSec-DC 2009
  • AppSec-EU Stockholm 2010
  • HITB Amsterdam 2010
  • AppSec-USA 2010
  • GovWare Singapore 2010
  • AppSec-Brazil 2010
  • OWASP BeNeLux day 2010
  • HITB Amsterdam 2011
  • AppSec-EU Dublin 2011
  • AppSec-USA Minneapolis 2011
  • OWASP Benelux day 2011
  • HITB Amsterdam 2012

Playing the CTF

The rules to participate and playing the CTF might change depending to the event the CTF is organized at. What you find below is what we think, the CTF should be done.. ;-)


Register at the CTF organizer with your MAC address and participant name. Once you have access to the application, you register with your chosen game name and the game is started. You can join whenever you like when the game started until the declared end of the game.


  • You play with your own laptop
  • The game is open during the conference time.
  • Attacking the CTF outside of the challenges results in disqualification
  • Attacking CTF competitors results in disqualification


For each solved challenge you get one point.

  • Who has the most challenges solved wins.
  • By same score, first scored wins.
  • Groups and single player are treated the same

This is a proposal of rules. Those can be changed, depending on the event where the CTF is hold!

who can anticipate in the CTF

  • Single Players, every one can anticipate on a CTF event by him self
  • Groups, you can up with others and anticipate as group. Dividing the prices is the responsibility of the group members though

pointing system

With each challenge you can get a certain score, depending on the difficulty of the challenge. After solving a challenge, a key is gained. You will have to insert that key in your account screen and points are added to your account. In case of same number of points, who ever scores first wins!

With the current CTF system all challenges are worth one (1) point.


The challenges are categorized in Web, Networking and Forensic.

  • Web challenges
  • Networking challenges
  • Forensic challenges

The current CTF contains the following categories:

  • Web; your "default" web challenges
  • Networking; networking related challenges
  • Others; all other challenges that can't be fitted under the other categories.

score board

The scoreboard will display the ranking of all playing users.


its home on Google Code
All available downloads can be found at its Google Code download location

As we can not make the current CTF and challenges available, so what is available to download? We will share previous used CTF applications, not longer used!

Further, we are currently working on a plug-in system for the challenges. We will release a setup where to install challenges as plugins, soon. Also, we will continuously make obsolete challenges available to download!

Available downloads:


  • Development
    • Framework

The framework is almost finished. The final quirkes are tested at the Owasp BeNeLux days and will be uploaded afterwards.
The latest design and logo (thanks to my wife) are used, waiting on some feedback from actual players.
The next version of the framework will contain a better template mechanism for customisation and a construction to be able to play network challenges without having to worry of you hackers taking over the complete system ;)

    • Challenges

The various challenges that will be released depend on the feedback from the various events where the CTF has been held. The easiest challenges will slowly disapear from the CTF and will be made available for download.

  • Obsolete

Project About

What does this OWASP project offer you?
What releases are available for this project?
what is this project?
Name: OWASP CTF Project (home page)
Purpose: The purpose of this Project is to create a competitive environment which can be used at conferences and to have fun and teach in a playful way the various mistakes which are made in regards to web applications.
License: N/A
who is working on this project?
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how can you learn more?
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