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Welcome to the OWASP CAL9000 project...



  • XSS Attacks - This is a listing of the XSS Attack Info from RSnake. You can also try executing the various attacks or using RegEx filters against them.
  • Character Encoder/Decoder - Encodes and decodes the following: URL, Hex, Unicode, Html(Decimal), Base64, MD5. Encode only for Sha1 and Sha256.
  • Simple Http Requests - Send GET, POST, HEAD, TRACE, OPTIONS, PUT and DELETE requests and see the results.
  • Scratchpad - A place to save code snippets, notes, results, etc.
  • Cheatsheets - Collection of references for various web-related platforms and languages.
  • Page Info - Splits out the Forms in a target page, as well as the source for internal and external Scripts.
  • IP Encoder/Decoder - Go to/from IP, Dword, Hex and Octal addresses.
  • String Generator - Create alpha(i), numeric(1) or special(!) strings of almost any length.
  • Scroogle Search - A privacy-friendly scrape of Google results w/Advanced Operators.
  • Testing Checklist - Collection of testing ideas for assessments.
  • Save State/Load State - Allows you to save CAL9000 textarea and text field contents and reload them when you are ready to resume testing.


Project Contributors


Please refer to the OWASP CAL9000 Project Roadmap for current tasks.

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