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(Other misc stuff)
(Other misc stuff)
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* [[Richard Crypto .Net Stuff]]
* [[Richard Crypto .Net Stuff]]
* [[2006 Autumn Of Code]]
* [[2006 Autumn Of Code]]
* [[.Net Roadmap]]
* [[OWASP .Net Project Roadmap]]

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Welcome to the OWASP .Net Project. These pages are still in 'very alpha' format since we are still importing content (check out To Do on Owasp .Net Project Pages if you want to help out)


Unless marked, the above entries were posted by Dinis.cruz

Current Projects

Related Foundstone Open souce projects

Note: All releases are available on the dotNET section of the SourceForge OWASP Project pages

.Net Security

Other misc stuff

Mailing List

We have a mailing list at Sourceforge which we use to discuss relevant issue to .Net security (see How to join Owasp.Net Mailing List)

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