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Here you will find documentation to help you manage your chapter. If you have any documentation you use for setting up your meetings, please feel free to pass it along for consideration. If you have any questions or need direction on the OWASP Chapter resources available to you, please contact the Community Manager, Noreen Whysel.

Chapter Handbook

The OWASP Chapter Leader Handbook is the definite guide for starting and operating an OWASP chapter. In contains both official rules and unofficial tips for running a chapter. All OWASP Chapter leaders are invited to add their own tips and tricks.

Chapter Materials

The OWASP Foundation can provide you with OWASP books, shirts, pens, lanyards, flyers, or other materials that you might need to jump-start your next meeting. Please visit [OWASP Merchandise].

Chapter Sponsorship

It will usually be necessary to obtain sponsorship for your chapter's operations. This can come from local businesses or larger companies. Take a minute to review the OWASP presentation for potential sponsorship for some ideas on how to approach potential sponsors.

Chapter Downloads

Download a zip file of the OWASP Logo in Illustrator and EPS format. Additional downloads can be found in the Media section below.

Chapter Presentations

There are many presentations available on the OWASP Presentations page. Also, many of the best presentations are on the OWASP AppSec Conference page. Check the agenda, where all the presentations are linked.

Chapter Leader Mailing List and Meetings

The chapter leader mailing list is here. Minutes from chapter leader meetings can be found in the Articles section below.

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