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*Managing money  
*Managing money  
*Managing the local chapter list
**Disclosure of member details
*CPE credits
*CPE credits
;[[Chapter_Handbook:_Mailing_list_and_Invites|Mailing list and invites]
;[[Chapter Handbook: Conferences and meetings|Conferences and meetings]]
;[[Chapter Handbook: Conferences and meetings|Conferences and meetings]]

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This document is the new chapter handbook, written by the global chapter committee and expected to be finalized during 2009. The old handbook can be found here

The Chapter handbook is the most useful tool that any chapter leader can have. There are a number of existing documents, references and OWASP material available to chapter leaders, however this handbook will become overtime the primary reference point for all chapters.

Table Of Contents

Chapter's Rules
Chapter's life cycle
  • Starting or Restarting a chapter
  • Country-wide vs. local chapters
  • Terminating a Chapter
  • Chapter Structure, board and leadership
  • Elections & Polls
  • Minimum activity requirements
  • Finding a new leader
  • Presentation etiquette
  • Sponsorship etiquette
  • Managing money
  • CPE credits
_Mailing_list_and_Invites|Mailing list and invites]
Conferences and meetings
  • Speakers
  • Sponsorship
  • OWASP on the move
Marketing and growing a chapter
  • Web
  • Branding
  • Cooperating with other organizations
  • Social networks
  • Media
  • Metrics for success

Supported by the Global Chapter Committee