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Charly, remember that it's "code review guide", not "testing guide"

Some definitions about Agile


Agile Development is well suited for code review, as two of its best practices are "peer programming" and "peer review". AD incorporates code review in itself

Peer Programming

This technique consists of ...

Peer Review

This one is enforced by the usage of tools like .... that ask another user for a code review before commiting to the versioning system.


AD tries to keep the code review as near as possible to the development phase, there is no such thing as develop, test, code review cycle.

Clean Code and "Smells"

The role of testing

It is so fundamental, that the xDD pervades Agile, test first, test earlier

continuous integration

it can trigger static code analysis

The role of automatic static code analysis in the Agile Methodologies

Test Driven Development

It aims at code simplicity due to the need of making it testeable

Behavior Driven Development


Domaing Driven Design