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| valign="top" | Risk Strategy
| valign="top" | Risk Strategy
| valign="top" | [https://www.owasp.org/index.php/CISO_AppSec_Guide:_Criteria_for_Managing_Application_Security_Risks#Part_II:_Criteria_for_Managing_Application_Security_Risks Part II - "Criteria for Managing Application Security Risks"]
| valign="top" | [https://www.owasp.org/index.php/CISO_AppSec_Guide:_Criteria_for_Managing_Application_Security_Risks#Part_II:_Criteria_for_Managing_Application_Security_Risks Part II - "Criteria for Managing Application Security Risks"]
[https://www.owasp.org/index.php/CISO_AppSec_Guide:_Reasons_for_Investing_in_Application_Security#Risk_Management Part I - Risk Management]
| valign="top" |  
| valign="top" |  
* SAMM - Strategy & Metrics
* SAMM - Strategy & Metrics

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Appendix B: Quick Reference to OWASP Guides & Projects

This quick reference maps typical CISO's functions and information security domains to different sections of the OWASP' CISO Guide and relevant OWASP projects.

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  • Check for other OWASP projects
CISO Function Security Domain OWASP CISO Guide OWASP Projects
Develop and implement policies, standards and guidelines for application security Standards and Policies Part I - Section 1.3 "Information Security Standards, Policies and Compliance"
  • Development Guide - Policy Frameworks
  • CLASP - Identify Global Security Policy
  • SAMM - Policy & Compliance
  • Code Review - Code Reviews and Compliance
Develop, implement and manage application security governance Governance Part III - Section 1.3.1 "Application Security Governance, Risk and Compliance"
  • SAMM - Governance
Develop and implement software security development and security testing processes Security Engineering Processes Part III - Section 1.4 "Targeting Software Security Activities and S-SDLC Processes"

Part III - Section 1.5 "How to Choose the Right OWASP Projects and Tools For Your Organization"

  • Development Guide
  • Code Review Guide
  • Secure Coding Practices Checklist
  • Testing Guide
  • SAMM
  • Security Tools for Developers
  • Application Security Verification Standards
Develop, articulate and implement a risk management strategy for applications Risk Strategy Part II - "Criteria for Managing Application Security Risks"

Part I - Risk Management

  • SAMM - Strategy & Metrics
Work with executive management, business managers and internal audit and legal counsel to define application security requirements that can be verified and audited Audit & Compliance Part I - Section 1.3.2 "Capturing Application Security Requirements"

Part III - Section 1.3 "Addressing CISO's Application Security Functions"

  • Application Security Verification Standards
  • CLASP - Document Security-Relevant Requirements
  • SAMM - Security Requirements
  • Testing Guide - Security Requirements Test Derivation
  • Cornucopia
  • Legal - Secure Software Contract Annex
Measure and monitor security and risks of application assets within the organization Risk Metrics & Monitoring Part IV - "Selection of Metrics for Managing Risks & Application Security Investments"
  • Application Security Metrics
  • CLASP - Define and Monitor Metrics
  • SAMM
Define, identify and assess the inherent security of critical application assets, assess the threats, vulnerabilities, business impacts and recommend countermeasurers/corrective actions Risk Analysis & Management Part I - "Risk Assessment and Management"
  • OWASP Top Ten Risks
  • Testing Guide - Threat Modelling
  • Development Guide - Threat Risk Modelling
  • Code Review Guide - Application Threat Modelling
  • Cornucopia
Assess procurement of new application processes, services, technologies and security tools Procurement Part III - Section "Assess Risks before Procurement of Third Party Components"
  • Legal - Secure Software Contract Annex
  • Tools projects
Oversee the training on application security for development, operational and information security teams Security Training Part III- Section 1.5.3 "People, Processes and Technology"
  • Education
  • Training Modules / Conference Videos
  • Application Security FAQ
  • CLASP - Institute Security Awareness Program
Develop, articulate and implement continuity planning/disaster recovery Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Part IV - Addressing CISO's Application Security Functions"
  • -
Investigate and analyse suspected and actual application security incidents and recommend corrective actions Incident Response Part I Section 1.4.6 "Addressing the Business Concerns after a Security Incident"
  • .NET Incident Response
  • CLASP - Manage Security Issue Disclosure Process