CISO AppSec Guide: Foreword

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This guide is being funded under OWASP project reboot program and developed in alignment of OWASP core values reflected in the openness of the content, innovative ideas and concepts, global reach to the application security community and integrity of the contents that are published as strictly vendor neutral and un-biased by specific commercial interests.This guide has also been developed in respect of the OWASP core values such as to “Promote the implementation of and promote compliance with standards, procedures, controls for application security” and the OWASP principles of delivering free and open content, not for profit interests and a risk based approach for improving application security. The leader of the OWASP Application Security Guide for CISOS project is Marco Morana that developed the original contents of this guide with contributions from Colin Watson, Eoin Keary and Tobias Gondrom and Stephanie Tan.

This project is being developed by the OWASP in parallel with the CISO Survey project lead by Tobias Gondom
The objective is to run these two projects in synch and use the results of the 2013 CISO survey to tailor the guide to the specific CISOs needs by highlighting which OWASP projects/resources address these needs. The final version of the OWASP Application Security Guide for CISO will be presented at the 2013 Appsec USA Conference that will be held in NYC, 18-21 November 2013