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OWASP Breakers

Breakers Community

A community of security professionals and stakeholders with the common goal of advancing the state of security in the area of security testing.



Target Audience

Application Security Professionals, Infrastructure Security Teams, Pentesters

What Are OWASP Communities?

Builders, Breakers and Defenders; the idea of OWASP Communities is to bring together experts in the area that they are best at with the common goal of advancing the state of application security. This approach allows similar groups of professionals and experts to tackle security problems with the involvement of the most relevant stakeholders. The intent is to drive high quality output that is immediately usable by the target audience. More information about this vision can be found here


The Community


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Official Breaker Projects

To be determined

All Breaker Related Projects

All projects that are related to the OWASP Breakers community can be found at the following link: Category:OWASP_Breakers