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Notes From Boulder OWASP 2008 Meetings

February 2008 Meeting Notes - Michael Sutton - SQL Injection

The sponsor was HP, and the speaker was Michael Sutton of HP/SPI Dynamics. Topics included:

1. Data tampering via SQL injection (verbose and blind)

2. Guidance regarding WHAT TO DO and WHAT RESOURCES ARE AVAILABLE for input validation (aka data validation).

3. SQL injection against AJAX

4. Intro and results of Michael Sutton's FUGGLE project

Michael's slide deck is available in PDF format Sutton:Revisiting SQL Injection

Michael Sutton is the co-author of "Fuzzing : Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery" and the Security Evangelist for SPI Dynamics, recently acquired by HP. Michael is responsible for identifying, researching and presenting on emerging issues in the web application security industry. He is a frequent speaker at major information security conferences, has authored much literature and is regularly quoted in the media on various information security topics. Michael is also a member of the Web Application Security Consortium (WASC), where he is project lead for the Web Application Security Statistics project.

Prior to joining SPI Dynamics, Michael was the Director for iDefense Labs, a team of world class researchers tasked with discovering and researching security vulnerabilities. Michael also established the Information Systems Assurance and Advisory Services (ISAAS) practice for Ernst & Young in Bermuda. He holds degrees from the University of Alberta and The George Washington University.

January 2008 Meeting Notes - Aman Garg - Web App Protection, Tips for QA and Testing

Aman Garg of TippingPoint presented "Success Stories for Resolving App Security Bugs". The 2 things that got my attention were common evasion techinques and his commitment to spending ~20% of available testing/QA time doing UNstructured testing. It must be working - TippingPoint is the market leader in the IPS space. Many thanks to Aman for presenting, to TippingPoint for sponsoring, and to Corporate Express for hosting as we all try to get better at writing more secure code!

Outline for January 17th:

Web app protection

  • php exploit demo
  • primer on php vulnerabilities and various layers at which these can be exploited
  • primer on XSS (cross site scripting) vulnerabilities
  • what you can do to make your web apps more secure

My experiences running QA/testing at TippingPoint

  • conventional wisdom in testing (make a million test cases, really comprehensive regression testing)
  • challenges in testing
  • tradeoff between responsiveness and thorough QA cycle
  • making processes secure & tamper proof
  • architecture issues - separating platform from application
  • best practices & recommendations from my experience

Aman's Bio: A veteran in the network security industry with over 10 years of experience, Aman Garg is currently Principal Architect at TippingPoint, where his current work focuses on design and research for new products and solutions, partnerships with other solution providers, and prototyping technology concepts. He has worn several different hats at TippingPoint - most recently, running the market /competitive analysis group, and leading the certification effort of TippingPoint products by NSS & ICSA Labs.

Mr. Garg holds an MBA from University of Texas Austin, a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M University, and a bachelors in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. His interests are in network security and network performance testing arenas. His research work on mitigating Denial of Service attacks has been cited by several academic journals.

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