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== Upcoming 2014 Meetings ==
== Upcoming 2014 Meetings ==
* [https://docs.google.com/a/owasp.org/document/d/1sCnMfM7z_Jh9xJsBVXzZzvSRCy9Uo21ycFjVjZQEF9k June 27 2014], 8am - 4 pm GMT, In person at AppSec Europe
* [[June_27,_2014]], 8am - 4 pm GMT, In person at AppSec Europe
* [[September 16, 2014]], 6pm - 9pm MST, In person at Appsec USA  
* [[September 16, 2014]], 6pm - 9pm MST, In person at Appsec USA  
* [[November 12, 2014]], 9am - 12pm PST
* [[November 12, 2014]], 9am - 12pm PST

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Current OWASP Global Board

  • Michael Coates - OWASP Chair - San Francisco, CA USA - michael.coates(at)owasp.org
  • Tom Brennan - Vice Chair: New Jersey, USA - tom.brennan(at)owasp.org
  • Josh Sokol - Treasurer - Texas, USA - josh.sokol(at)owasp.org
  • Tobias Gondrom - Secretary - Hong Kong - tobias.gondrom(at)owasp.org
  • Fabio Cerullo - Special Projects - Ireland - fcerullo(at)owasp.org
  • Eoin Keary - Special Projects - Dublin, Ireland - eoin(at)owasp.org
  • Jim Manico - Special Projects - Hawaii, USA - jim(at)owasp.org

Past Boards




OWASP Board Elections

2013 Election

2013 Board Election

2012 Election

2012 Board Election

2011 Election

2011 Board Election

2009 Election

2009 Board Election

  • Note - Beginning with the March 2013 meeting, all board meetings are recorded.
  • Meeting Template found here

Upcoming 2014 Meetings

Past 2014 Meetings

Conflict of Interest Policy and Signed Conflict Statements
Weekly Board/Staff Communication Documents
OWASP Board Calendar

Best practices

Note: these best practices are merely a collection of procedures deemed good process for a board. They are not binding and have not been voted on or ratified by the board to this date.

Best Practices for Board conduct:

We consider it best practices for our board to follow in spirit the "Robert's Rules of Order".

  • That means that board votes require a motion brought forth by one board member and to be seconded by an other board member.
    • A motion should be specific, unique, and concise. It should include all the relevant details, be unambiguous, and leave as little room for interpretation as possible.
  • After the motion has been seconded the board may discuss the issue and / or vote on it.

A board member makes a motion and the board waits for your motion to be seconded. With few exceptions, all motions need to be seconded by another member of the Board. This is to ensure that the Board does spend its time effectively and not evaluating a proposal which only one member favors.

  • In a formal setting, they will say something along the lines of "I second the motion," or even just "I second."
  • In certain cases, such as when a general consensus is apparent, the presiding officer can choose to skip this step and move on to the next one.

Historical Board Members by Year

Historical Board Votes

Agenda for 2013 Meetings

  • December 2, 2013 - Special Board Meeting - 2014 Budget walk through, Q & A (no meeting notes)
  • November 11, 2013 - cancelled due to in person meeting on Nov. 22
  • August 12, 2013 - canceled due to in person meeting on Aug 19

Agenda for 2012 Meetings

Board Meeting Attendance Tracking

OWASP Foundation ByLaws

Global Committees

Agendas for 2011 Meetings

Minutes for 2011 Meetings

Agendas for 2010 Meetings

Minutes of 2010 Meetings

Details of 2009 Meetings

Agendas for 2008 Meetings

Details of 2008 Meetings