Bil Corry 2018 Bio and Why me

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I am a lifetime member of OWASP and I've been involved with OWASP since 2008. I'm currently serving on the OWASP Compliance Committee, and have contributed to a variety of projects over the years (anyone remember the OWASP Certification project?). I've volunteered at AppSec USA, rounded up speakers for chapter meetings in Chicago and the Bay Area, hosted a Bay Area chapter meeting, helped WIA become a 2.0 Committee and have been a trainer using the OWASP Secure Coding deck. You might have also seen me at W3C, IETF, and WASC (cookie specification, content security policy, WASC Threat Classification, etc). Professionally, I worked as a web application developer for more than a decade before moving into security full time.

Why Me?

I've run for the Board of Directors every year since 2013 - this will be my sixth time running for a seat on the Board. I run each year because I've noticed that as OWASP has grown larger, it hasn't been growing more mature, and those growing pains show up in a myriad of ways, including an exodus of staff, unhappy members, and lack of visibility.

I believe OWASP is at a crossroads - it can either retain it's semi-informal structure, with a small dedicated staff, and keep doing business as usual, or it can plan for a more professional organization with a larger dedicated staff and more formal rules and processes.

If elected, I would work toward the latter, helping OWASP grow and mature into a more professional organization. Please join me in moving OWASP forward by casting your vote for Bil Corry.