Atlanta Member Meeting 05.25.11

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May 2011 Meeting

WHAT:: May Chapter Meeting - 'Don't teach developers security'

WHEN:: 19th of May 2011. 6-8pm

WHERE:: Tilted Kilt

WHO:: Caleb Sima (Founder of WebInspect and CEO of Armorize)

ABSTRACT:: (Abstract from speaker) The general message preached for the past couple of years is that developers need to learn security and training developers in security will give us vulnerability-free code. This presentation is will destroy that myth and put forth that this is the WRONG way of creating secure code. It's time to simplify the secure development process.

The attendee will walk away with real and practical knowledge of how to implement and create a secure coding practice that won't take more than a week to become effective. They will understand that it is no longer, nor should it have been, development adapting to security. It's the other way around - they as security can adapt to development and provide real-world practical risk management without impacting the development process. Attendees will also get a demonstration of how technology today is based on remediation/fixing, and no longer focused on detection and alerting.

PREZO: File:Owasp-Atlanta May2011 CalebSima.pptx