Atlanta Leadership Meeting 02.26.09

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Atlanta 2009 Leadership Meeting

The OWASP Atlanta leadership meeting took place on 2.26.09 and included a little under a dozen Atlanta OWASP locals in order to revive the chapter. A grueling two-hour meeting devoid of food or beer took place from 6:30pm till about 8:30pm. We all realize that given the dormancy of the chapter in recent months, we must become acquainted with the current makeup of our current members and their needs, wants, desires, for web app-sec. Key topics of conversation included the following:

  • vision for OWASP Atlanta 2009
  • roles and responsibilities
  • meeting formats
  • proposed topics for 2009

More on the aforementioned below:

It is our intent to make OWASP 2009 a foundational year. By this, we mean to get back to basics and have a successful year where we define ourselves as a group, host meaningful events via presentation formats and hands-on workshops and appeal to what appears to be a diverse Atlanta OWASP community.

Given the silence over the past 2 years, we recognize the importance to share responsibilities with active members. Team leads were defined for 2009 and key supporting chapter members will assist with various events related to workshops, marketing, presentations and other logistics for the chapter this year, including meeting space, meeting provisions (i.e. - alias for "beverages").


  • podcast/webcast
  • weekend workshops (audience: for the zombie hunters)
  • early morning/lunch meetings (audience: for the suits)
  • keynote mystery speakers (TBD soon)


  • Threat Modeling vs Compliance :: Evolving into Security Strategy
  • SQL Injection
  • MITM / Two-way auth / Transactional auth
  • XSS, Clickjacking
  • S-SDLC / SDL
  • Web server Misconfigurations
  • Profile injection attacks / Botnets
  • PKI's that actually work
  • Business logic attacks
  • Filter evasion
  • New faces of cybercrime
  • Static Source Code Analysis

Please stay in touch via the OWASP Atlanta mailing list and also the new OWASP IRC channel that was created (thanks to Rob Regan) for ongoing updates and info. We're running off of EFNET IRC on channel #owasp-atlanta.

--Versprite 16:33, 27 February 2009 (EST)