Assessment Criteria v2.0 FAQ

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This page contains direct answers to the questions asked by the OWASP leaders & reviewers that are trying to use the new OWASP Project Assessment Criteria

Frequent Asked Questions about the Assessment_Criteria_v2.0

  • Question: "..I want to read and learn about the Assessment Criteria V2.0 (ACv2), can you point me to the main links?..."
  • Answer: {write answer here}

  • Question: "..Can you point me to a full example of how the ACv2) works in practice ?..."
  • Answer: {write answer here} (.. dinis note: point to the recent JBroFuzz review...)

  • Question: "...E.g., you fail on OWASP Writing Style and OWASP Template for Docs, the former of which I disagree with a number of items, the latter of which is prescribed but does not exist, and even if it did I doubt using PowerPoint as page layout software will pass! That was definitely an off-label use of PowerPoint....
  • Answer: {write answer here}

  • Question: " ...I also confused on a number of the items on the project details tab/dashboard, e.g.
    • what in the world is a project maintainer and how is that different than a contributor or a leader (is that a language translation thing, supposed to be "project manager"?),
    • what is a pamphlet,
    • what is a "3x slide",
    • having a "current release" and a "last reviewed release" is massively confusing,
    • what happened to sponsors (why all the way at the bottom on the main tab now, why not listed on project details at least w/o logo given project details' goal of capturing all the details) ...
  • Answer: {write answer here}
    • project maintainer =...
    • pamphlet maintainer =...
    • "3x slide"=...
    • "on current release" and a "last reviewed release" ...
    • on sponsors ...