Assessing Project Releases

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This is a DRAFT page still under review by the Global Projects Committee

This page is maintained by the Global Projects Committee to help assist Project Leaders with information about successfully running an OWASP Project. It will be updated from time to time, and changes will be discussed and announced on the OWASP-Leaders list.

Quality Levels

For project releases, OWASP has established the assessment criteria with three designations of quality: Alpha, Beta and Quality releases. As project releases move up the quality ladder from Alpha to Beta and finally to a Quality release, the amount of rigor required increases. In general, the project lead will determine the goal quality level of their project and work towards fulfilling the criteria for that level. Once a project lead has completed the prerequisites and criteria for the goal level, they request that their project be reviewed. The quality level will determine who reviews the release and how those reviews occur.

  • Alpha release: The review consists of the Global Project Committee (GPC) verifying that the project pre-assessment checklist is complete. Alpha release projects are the most free and open since anyone with a start on a solution to an application security problem can assess their project against the pre-assessment checklist.
  • Beta release: The project lead completes the pre-assessment checklist. Then, the review will first be conducted by the project's reviewer (more on this below). After the reviewer completes the reviewer action items, the GPC will validate the project's assessment.
  • Quality release: The project lead completes the pre-assessment checklist. Then, the two project reviewers will complete their action items (more on this below). After the reviews are complete, the Global Projects Committee and OWASP Board will validate the project's review.

Pre-Assessment Checklists versus Reviewer Action Items:

  • Pre-Assessment checklists should be completed by the project lead prior to asking for an assessment.
  • Pre-Assessment checklists were designed to be completed in minutes to verify that all items are complete.
  • Reviewer Action Items should be completed by project reviewer(s) after the project lead indicates the project is ready to be assessed and the pre-assessment checklist is complete.
  • Reviewer Action Items were designed to require some significant time commitment from the reviewer since the questions are subjective and require a good deal of understanding and review of the project's release.

Prerequisites for Project Assessment

Depending on the quality level criteria, the project lead may have prerequisites to complete before the project release(s) can be assessed by the criteria below

  • Alpha release: No prerequisites.
  • Beta release: 1 reviewer is required.
  • Release release: 2 reviewers are required. Second review has special requirements. (Note: Leo-> We should say about "special cases" when we have more than 2, like ASDR)

Notes on reviewers

  • Ideally, the project lead will suggest project reviewer(s).
  • Ideally, reviewers should be an existing OWASP project lead or Chapter leader.
  • If the project lead is unable to find the required reviewer(s), the Global Projects Committee can assist in identifying reviewers for the project.
  • It is recommended that an OWASP board member or Global Projects Committee member be the second reviewer on Quality releases. The board has the initial option to review the project, followed by the Global Projects Committee.
  • The Global Projects Committee confirms the assignment of reviewers to a project.

Release Assessment Criteria

Specific Release Assessment Criteria for the OWASP Project Types: