April 5, 2012 SB Report

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Sarah Baso - Activity for March 2012 (Prepared for April 5, 2012 Board Meeting)

Chapters Committee

General Committee Info

  • Committee Membership: No changes, currently 5 members: Seba Deleersnyder, Tin Zaw, Josh Sokol, Ivy Zhang, and Gustavo Barbato
  • Committee Chair: Josh Sokol
  • March Committee Meeting Minutes: 19 & 20 March 2012
  • 2012 Chapters Committee Budget - $17,257.80 of $25,000 remaining ($7,742.29 spent).

Major Activities/Projects (in addition to attending monthly committee meetings, taking & posting meeting minutes):

  • Ongoing - Work with Kate Hartmann to ensure that chapter-related requests through Contact Us Form are addressed in a timely fashion.
  • Ongoing - Setting up new chapters -- @owasp.org email accounts, wiki page, mailing list, add to leader mailing list, and ensure chapter appears on regonline chapter list.
  • Ongoing - Respond to various chapter leader questions/requests via email
  • Ongoing - Manage OWASP merchandise requests via google doc, including business cards.
  • Coordinating Chapters Workshops at 4 Global AppSec Events and possibly AppSec India. Workshop in Sydney - expecting between 15 & 20 people
  • Completed collection of Chapter Handbook acknowledgements and inventory of all active chapters & chapter leaders (Q1 goal)
    • Responses to Chapter Handbook Acknowledgement form: 334 leaders, 180 Chapters
    • Active Chapters: 180
    • Active Chapter Leaders/Board Members: 388 (66 did not respond to for, but activity confirmed through other members of chapter)
    • Estimated Chapters determined as inactive as result of inventory: 22 (Will be final on Thursday)

Chapter stats 4 1 2012.png

New Chapters and Chapter restarts in February: 11

Conferences Committee

General Committee Info

  • Committee Membership: New member - Lorna Alamri, currently 7 members: Mark Bristow, Ralph Durkee, Richard Greenberg, Lucas Ferreira, John Wilander, Mohd Fazli Azran, and Lorna Alamri.
  • Committee Chair: Mark Bristow
  • March Committee Meeting Minutes: 2012 14 March
  • Global Conferences Committee Budget - $32,618.82 of $40,000 remaining ($7381.18 spent).

Major Activities/Projects (in addition to attending monthly committee meetings, taking & posting meeting minutes):

  • 2013 Summit Planning - 2 meetings in early March
  • Soliciting and coordinating communication with sponsors for AppSec DC and Appsec APAC
  • Ongoing - Updated and monitored google form for tracking schwag requests and monitor OCMS for events that have requested schwag but not entered request into google form.
  • Ongoing - Work with Konik, Kate, Rocksport, Zazzle, Lulu, and other misc. vendors to fulfull merchandise and conference requests.

Upcoming Events

AppSec DC - Regional

  • Budget
  • Registration #s - 91 people registered for conference, 37 people registered for paid training
  • Sponsors: Aspect Security, Securicon, Mandiant, Trustwave, Codenomicon, WhiteHat, nVisium, Bayshore Networks
  • Schedule Posted

AppSec APAC - Global

  • Budget
  • Registration #s: 48 people registered for conference, 23 people registered for paid training
  • Sponsors: Fortify/HP, AppSecure, Imperva, Trustwave, Content Security
  • Sponsor Information Pack
  • Schedule Posted

AppSec Europe Research - Global

  • Budget
  • Sponsors - F5, Cigital, Trustwave(Global), Gotham Digital
  • Updates - CFP and CFT released

AppSec India - Regional

  • event website
  • Budget
  • Sponsors - Torrid
  • Expected attendance - 500+
  • Update - need to review their sponsorship document and find out how they will be handling/processing money for the event

AppSec USA - Global

  • Budget
  • Sponsors - Aspect Security, Trustwave (Global & Lanyard), IBM, NetSpi
  • Update - team is finalizing website, CFP and CFT to be released soon

AppSec Latam - Global

  • Budget
  • Sponsors - Trustwave (Global & Lanyard)
  • Update - Finalizing venue contract and determining best way to handle financing for event.