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==Feed Curator Information==
==Feed Curator Information==
[[AppSecNews_Curation | Understand how the App Sec News Feed is created]]
{{Social Media Links}}
{{Social Media Links}}

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There are hundreds of bloggers, journalists, security researchers and hackers, and others who write about application security. And it would be nearly impossible to follow all of this material. To help with this onslaught of application security news, the OWASP team reviews multiple application security news sources and produces the OWASP Moderated Application Security News Feed from the best articles. The OWASP team only selects high-quality posts focused on application security that advance the field, provide useful insight, or are useful educational resources.


Simply copy this link into your news reader to get started:


Add a Feed to the List

To add a news feed to our list SUBMIT IT for review.

Feed Curator Information

Understand how the App Sec News Feed is created