AppSensor Summit

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Summit 2011

Summit Overview

The AppSensor Summit will be held on September 21, 2011 at OWASP AppSec USA 2011 in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Start End Topic Description Deliverables
0900 0930 AppSensor Intro & Retrospective Brief summary of where we've been, administrative changes, and outlining the goals and purpose of the Summit n/a
0930 1030 The AppSensor Book v2 Details TBD
1030 1045 Coffee Break
1045 1200 AppSensor Code Details TBD
1200 1300 Lunch Break and Open Conversation (Sponsored by Mozilla)
1515 1615 Detection Points & Response Actions Details TBD
1515 1615 AppSensor in the Press Details TBD
1300 1400 AppSensor in ModSecurity Details TBD
1500 1515 Coffee Break
1615 1630 AppSensor and Your Application - An Integration Plan Details TBD
1400 1500 Roadmap for AppSensor - We Need One Details TBD

Attending the AppSensor Summit

If you are planning to attend this summit, please add your name below so that we can ensure that we have adequate space and materials for everyone.

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  • User:clerkendweller - Colin Watson