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== Accommodations - Holiday Inn Gaithersburg ==
== Accommodations - Holiday Inn Gaithersburg ==

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Accommodations - Holiday Inn Gaithersburg

Conference Rate - $99

OWASP has reserved a block of rooms at the nearby Holiday Inn Gaithersburg at a special OWASP conference rate for both single and double rooms of $99/night plus applicable taxes, which are approximately 12%. To receive this rate, you must reserve your rooms by September 25, 2005. Additional details about the hotel, their address, photographs of the hotel, and other information is available here.

To Make a Reservation

Via the Web: Go to the Holiday Inn Reservations page for the Holiday Inn Gaithersburg and then enter WAS as the Group Booking Code to get the conference discount.

By Phone: You can call the hotel directly at 301-948-8900 or call Holiday Inn Central Reservations at 800-465-4329. To receive the discounted rate, identify yourself as an attendee of the OWASP Conference at NIST on Oct. 10-11.

Gaithersburg Holiday Inn location


Directions to the hotel are available here.

Cancellation Policy

Attendees who make reservations will be charged for one night's room and tax if you do not cancel by 6:00 PM on your scheduled day of arrival. Those who cancel prior to 6:00 PM will not be penalized.

Alternate Accomodations

A list of other hotels in the area is provided by NIST