AppSec US 2010, CA/Attending Owasp Leaders

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Page to manage the participation of the OWASP leaders at the AppSec USA in Irvine USA

Attending Leaders - Confirmed

Part of the conference organization

Also attending (part of OWASP community)

  • Joseph Dawson

Attending Leaders - TBC

Key WebAppSec players

objective: identfy potential synergies between WebAppSec industry players and OWASP leaders (for example too meet and have a meeting)

  • Firefox Browser
    • There are a number of Firefox employees participating and they have shown interest in talking to OWAPS about how we can work together

Developers and QA participating

Sponsored by the Atlanta Chapter Howard Fore (Atlanta Developer) - Howard Fore is a senior web developer in Atlanta, Georgia. He's involved in some high-visibility web projects at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Increasing awareness of secure software development practices is an departmental objective for 2010 and he's a member of the security workgroup, which is leading the way in that endeavor. Other practices the security workgroup are implementing include static code analysis and code inspection.

Jon Bango (Atlanta Developer) - Jon Bango is an Information Technology professional with over 13 years experience in the education, financial services and retail industries. Primarily working at the enterprise level, Jon has utilized the J2EE stack in building web applications for the largest home improvement retailer in the world. Most recently he has branched out into RIA technologies working in Adobe Flex and Microsoft Silverlight. Currently, Jon has transitioned into the dark arts at his company’s Information Assurance department in which the groundwork has been laid to utilize his developer talents to create a company wide secure coding initiative.

Question:Should we also do the same tracking for other Developers and QA/Testing professionals?

To do (tasks)

  • for each each participant
    • link to MediaWiki user page
    • add twitter accounts
  • Travel arrangements
    • map travel dates
    • when/where they are arriving
    • where are they staying
  • figure out what to do with the leaders when they are there
  • should we create a welcome pack for these leaders?
  • should we see if they need help in their travel arrangements?
  • should we see if its possible to find a local host for the accomodation (it is always better than going into an hotel)?
  • do we need a budget? if so, how much?