AppSec US 2010, CA/Attending Owasp Leaders

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Page to manage the participation of the OWASP leaders at the AppSec USA in Irvine USA

Attending Leaders - Confirmed

Part of the conference organization

Also attending (part of OWASP community)

  • Joseph Dawson

Attending Leaders - TBC

Key WebAppSec players

objective: identfy potential synergies between WebAppSec industry players and OWASP leaders (for example too meet and have a meeting)

  • Firefox Browser
    • There are a number of Firefox employees participating and they have shown interest in talking to OWAPS about how we can work together

Developers and QA participating

Sponsored by an OWASP Chapter

  • TBC

Question:Should we also do the same tracking for other Developers and QA/Testing professionals?

To do (tasks)

  • for each each participant
    • link to MediaWiki user page
    • add twitter accounts
  • Travel arrangements
    • map travel dates
    • when/where they are arriving
    • where are they staying
  • figure out what to do with the leaders when they are there
  • should we create a welcome pack for these leaders?
  • should we see if they need help in their travel arrangements?
  • should we see if its possible to find a local host for the accomodation (it is always better than going into an hotel)?
  • do we need a budget? if so, how much?