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== OWASP Conference Dinner - Optional Event - April 9th ==
== OWASP Conference Dinner - Optional Event - April 9th ==
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'''Wheatsheaf Hotel'''
'''Wheatsheaf Hotel'''
£7 Transportation
£7 Transportation
£16 Per Person – drinks not included
£16 Per Person drinks not included
£3 Gratuity
£3 Gratuity

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OWASP Conference Dinner - Optional Event - April 9th

The OWASP Conference committee hopes that all of you will join us for dinner and a social gathering after at the Wheatsheaf Hotel in nearby Surrey. http://www.wheatsheafhotel.com/index.html

We have arranged for a coach to take up to 50 people from the school to the hotel and back on Saturday night. We have also arranged for a pre-fix dinner at the hotel (menu choices listed below). Since the coach can only take about half the people that have signed up for the conference, be sure to reserve your seat right away.

The coach will be leaving Royal Holloway at 7 PM to arrive at 7:30 for the dinner. After dinner we can hang out in the bar. The coach then leaves the hotel at 11 PM and gets back at 11:30.

The following payment options will allow you to pay for the meal with or without the coach. Drinks are additional at the restaurant. You MUST pay for your meal by April 7th in order to join our group. We received a two day extension from the hotel.

After you make payment, you must send us an e-mail at conferences@owasp.org indicating which starter and which meal you want (see below) as we have to inform the restaurant on April 8th of what the choices are.

Wheatsheaf Hotel


Wheatsheaf Hotel

£7 Transportation

£16 Per Person – drinks not included

£3 Gratuity


Pepper Mushrooms with Stilton (V)

Flat mushrooms in a creamy pepper sauce, topped with stilton and served on toast.

Pork & Chicken Liver Pate

A coarse pate, served with toast, butter & Kentish bramley apple chutney.

Prawn Cocktail

Served with malted bread & butter.


Beef & Theakston Ale Pie

Served with creamed mash potato and fresh seasonal vegetables.

Fish & Chips

Freshly battered fish with tartare sauce, served with your choice of mushy or garden peas.

Thai Red Chicken Curry

Served with white & wild rice and naan bread.

Sausage & Mash

Pork & Leek sausages served on creamed mash potato with red wine

Vegetable Pesto Penne (V)

With rocket pesto, basil, garlic, shallots and peppers.