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'''University of California Irvine.'''
'''University of California Irvine.'''
Registration is Free, but you MUST pre register to secure your seat. 
==Call for Presentations / Research Papers==
==Call for Presentations / Research Papers==

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Welcome to the OWASP Application Security Academia Symposium

Date: Wednesday 8/26/2009

Event's Location

University of California Irvine.

Registration is Free, but you MUST pre register to secure your seat.


Call for Presentations / Research Papers

Please send all proposals to nmatatal 'at' uci.edu with at least OWASP in the subject line.

Topics include, but not limited to:

  • OWASP ESAPI, Application Security Acrhitectures
  • Security education programs
  • Enterprise authorization service
  • Privacy Concerns with Applications and Data Storage
  • OWASP Code Review
  • OWASP Testing Guide
  • Threat modeling of web applications
  • Separating security from coding, enhancing the security of the infrastructure (HTTPOnly, disabling session token reuse in ASP), etc also platform or language (e.g. Java, .NET) security features that help secure web applications
  • Security of Service Oriented Architectures
  • Vulnerability analysis of web applications (code review, pentest, static analysis, scanning)
  • Secure application development
  • How to use databases securely in web applications
  • OWASP Education Project (live CD)
  • Web services security

Please include at least the following information:

  • Name
  • Affiliation
  • Phone Number
  • Abstract
  • Short Bio

Agenda and Presentations


University of California Irvine


Calit2 building,building number 325 in quadrant H8 on the UC Irvine Map


Will be available soon.


Please park at the Anteater Parking Structure.

Parking is is $7 (may be provided, tbd)


There will be no fees for this event, only registration is required to participate.

Pre-Event Organization Team

  • Kuai Hinojosa (kuai.hinojosa 'at' owasp.org)
  • Neil Matatall (nmatatal 'at' uci.edu)

OWASP AppSec Event Sponsor

This conference will be sponsored by Administrative Computing Services at UC Irvine