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Conference Day 1 - Tuesday - November 20 ,2012

(Time Allocated) Track 1
(Location TBA)
Track 2
(Location TBA)
 8:00-9:00 AM

Conference Registration Open
 9:00-9:30 AM

Opening Remarks

Speakers: TBA

 9:30-9:50 AM

OWASP Board Kickoff

Speaker: Matt Tesauro

 9:50-10:40 AM

Building Security Into Frameworks: Who is doing it right

Speaker: Jerry Hoff

 10:40-11:00 AM Short Break - Coffee & Snacks
 11:00-11:50 AM

 Assessing Application Security Risk

 Speaker: Alex Bauert

 Reducing Web Application Attack Surface with a HMAC based protocol

 Speaker: Breno Silva

 11:50-12:00 PM Short Break
 12:00-12:50 PM

 Your Website: a weapon for cybercrime

 Speaker: Sebastian Bortnik

 Don't try to block the out the sub with your fingers! Information harvesting with Test-driven development tools and understanding how to avoid it

 Speaker: Nicolas Rodriguez

 12:50-2:20 PM

Break - Lunch
 2:20-3:50 PM

Tainted variables to find Potentially Vulnerable Functions (PVF)

 Speaker: Cristian Borghello

 3:50-4:10 PM Short Break - Coffee & Snacks
 4:10-5:00 PM

 Using PASTA as a core ingredient to web application threat modeling

 Speaker: Tony Ucedavelez

 Malware on Mobile Devices

 Speaker: Sebastian Bortnik

 5:00-5:10 PM Short Break
 5:10-6:00 PM

 Password Security Policies - Lessons Learned from Recent Password Leaks

 Speaker: Flavio de Cristofaro

 How dynamic have been static checking?

 Speaker: Felipe Zipitria