AppSecEU 2011 chapters workshop agenda

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As part of [[AppSecEU2011] ]On June 9, 14h30-18h we organize a chapter leader workshop for all the chapter leaders that attend the conference.

Items that need discussion are:

  • How to improve the current Chapter Leader Handbook?
  • How to start new chapters within Europe?
  • How to support inactive chapters within Europe?
  • What Governance model is required for OWASP chapters?
  • How can the global chapters committee facilitate the European chapters?
  • ...


Proposed agenda (open for discussion):

Trinity College - room TBD
14:40 - 14:55 Welcome and roundtable
14:55 - 15:25 Handling chapter finances

Introduction & moderation: Seba, Participation: All

Current chapter handbook section to be elaborated.

15:25 - 15:40 Coffee Break
15:40 - 16:25 Top 10 advice for new and veteran chapter leaders

Introduction & moderation: Seba, Participation: All

Create list upfront and add action, impact and required support from the chapters committee.

16:25 - 16:35 Break
16:35 - 17:20 How to cross-pollinate succes between EU chapters?

Introduction & moderation: Seba, Participation: All

Look for good pollinator mechanisms and define 7 goals to be accomplished by AppSecEU 2012 in Greece


If you plan to attend, please fill in your name and chapter below:

  • Tom Brennan, New York / New Jersey Chapter
  • Seba Deleersnyder, Belgium chapter
  • Fabio Cerullo, Ireland chapter
  • Justin Clarke, London chapter
  • Sebastien Gioria, France chapter - Only 9th June
  • Ferdinand Vroom, Netherlands chapter
  • Ofer Maor, Israel chapter
  • Antonio Fontes, Geneva chapter (Western Switzerland)
  • Boris Hemkemeier, German Chapter
  • Marco Morana, Cincinnati U.S.A. Chapter
  • Sven Vetsch, Switzerland Chapter
  • Konstantinos Papapanagiotou, Greek Chapter
  • Lieven Desmet, Belgium Chapter - tentative
  • Rory McCune, Scotland Chapter
  • ...

Contact Seba for more details.