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We are pleased to announce that the German OWASP Chapter will host the OWASP AppSec Europe Research 2013 global conference in beautiful Hamburg, Germany from August 20-23. Hamburg is basically the sleepy beauty of Germany, in the very north of it.

The AppSec Europe 2013 conference will be a premier gathering of Information Security leaders, also the AppSec Europe 2013 is going to have a Research part.

Executives from Fortune 500 firms along with technical thought leaders such as security architects and lead developers will be traveling to hear the cutting-edge ideas presented by Information Security’s top talent. OWASP events attract a worldwide audience interested in “what’s next”. The conference is expected to draw 400-500 technologists from Government, Financial Services, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Technology, and many other verticals.

On the research side OWASPs AppSecEU Research will give you an excellent chance to present your cutting edge research, including a paper for the proceedings.

The conference will be held from August 20-23, 2013 at the Emporio Hamburg. It' centrally located in the city of Hamburg with a splendid view over Binnen-, Aussenalster and River Elbe.


Conference Orga

Dirk Wetter (Chair)
Kai Jendrian (Co-Chair)
Birgit Bernskötter (External)
Boris Hemkemeier
Achim Hoffmann
Ingo Hanke
Martin Johns
Tobias Glemser
Sebastien Deleersnyder
Sarah Baso

Program Committee (to be completed)

John Wilander (Research + Industry)
Sebastian Schinzel (Research + Industry)
Achim Hoffmann
Boris Hemkemeier
Diniz Cruz

Martin Johns
Dirk Wetter


Twitter: @OWASP_de (at a certain time we'll take over the appseceu account)