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;Sponsors: <u>[https://www.owasp.org/images/0/03/Sponsorship_Description_AppSec_EU_2013.pdf Sponsorship Description]</u>
;Sponsors: <u>[https://www.owasp.org/images/0/03/Sponsorship_Description_AppSec_EU_2013.pdf Sponsorship Description]</u>
;Call for ...
;Call for ...
: [[AppSecEU2013/CfPresos|Presentations]] (Industry)
: Deadline April 14: [[AppSecEU2013/CfPresos|Presentations]] (Industry)
: [[AppSecEU2013/CfPapers|Papers]] (Research)
: Deadline May 15: [[AppSecEU2013/CfPapers|Papers]] (Research)
: [[AppSecEU2013/CfTrainings|Call for Trainings]]
: Closed: [[AppSecEU2013/CfTrainings|Call for Trainings]]
;Registration: ''not open yet''
;Registration: ''not open yet''
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== Call for {Presentations,Papers,Trainings} ==
== Call for {Presentations,Papers,Trainings} ==
We'll have there seperate "Calls":
We have there seperate "Calls":
* The <u>[[AppSecEU2013/CfPresos|Call for Presentations]]</u> is the standard one for the regular tracks
* The <u>[[AppSecEU2013/CfPresos|Call for Presentations]]</u> is the standard one for the regular tracks
* The <u>[[AppSecEU2013/CfPapers|Call for Papers]]</u> is for the Research track
* The <u>[[AppSecEU2013/CfPapers|Call for Papers]]</u> is for the Research track
* <u>[[AppSecEU2013/CfTrainings|Call for Trainings]]</u>: as the name says
* Closed: [[AppSecEU2013/CfTrainings|Call for Trainings]]
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== Countdown Challenges ==
== Countdown Challenges ==
<b>Win Free Tickets to AppSec EU Research 2013!</b>
;Win Free Tickets to AppSec EU Research 2013! [[AppSecEU2013/Ticket-Challenge|here]]
There will be a challenge posted on the conference wiki page every month up until the event
;Good luck!!
in August.
The winner of each challenge will get free entrance to the conference, worth about €400.
Be sure to sign up for the conference mailing list to get a monthly reminder.
The challenge starts here:
== University Challenges ==
AppSec EU Research 2013 will have a OWASP [[AppSecEU2013/Uni-Challenge| University Challenges]], details see [[AppSecEU2013/Uni-Challenge|here]].
== Capture the Flag ==
There will be a ''Capture the Flag'' event at AppSec EU Research 2013. Details will come sone [[AppSecEU2013/Capture-the-Flag|here]].
<b>How to Win</b>
Each challenge will be announced on the conference wiki page and the conference mailing list
(what you see here). Simply follow the link, login, and follow the instructions for the challenge.
Provide your solution, which then will be marked.
The challenge will be opened right after the announcement and will be closed 23 days later.
The winner will be rewarded a free conference ticket 3 days later.
The free ticket is personal and the judgement of the organizing committee can not be overruled.
<b>How it Works</b>
Each challenge will have its unique link and will be open for 23 days after announcement.
If you follow the link, the site will ask for login (see "Login directly (Existing Hacking-Lab Account)"), or to sign-up (see "Sign-up a new Hacking-Lab
Account") if you don't have a login.
You may use your existing account, or sign-up for a new one.
To participate on the challenge, you need an account at Hacking-Lab. You just need an email
address for that and you can use a nickname of your choice. Only the nickname will be public.
<b>How to Start</b>
Step0: Prepare your client with a preconfigured virtual host in VMware Player or VirtualBox.
Install the LiveCD image
in your virtual host.
Download links are:
Step1: Follow the link from your mail or posted at conference wiki.
Step2: Login
Step3: Switch to the challenge
Step4: To solve the task you need a VPN connection as shown in
Step5: Connect to hacking-lab.com after starting your Live-CD from within your virtual host
as described in
Step6: To complete the task (event), send your description of the vulnerability including
an exploit and a description for mitigations using the provided "Send Solution" button.
Good luck!!

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original photo from IqRS


The German OWASP Chapter will host the OWASP AppSec Europe Research 2013 global conference in Hamburg, Germany from August 20-23. Hamburg is the second biggest city in Germany, located in the north. To quote New York Times: No one tells you how pretty Hamburg is. We do.

The AppSec Europe 2013 conference will be a premier gathering of Information Security leaders, also it is going to have a research part.

Executives from Fortune 500 firms along with technical thought leaders such as security architects and lead developers will be traveling to hear the cutting-edge ideas presented by Information Security’s top talent. OWASP events attract a worldwide audience interested in “what’s next”. The conference is expected to draw 400-500 technologists from Government, Financial Services, Media, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Technology and many other verticals.

On the research side OWASP's AppSecEU Research will give you an excellent chance to present your cutting edge research, including a paper for the proceedings.

The conference will be held from August 20-23, 2013 at the Emporio Hamburg. It's centrally located in the heart of the city with a splendid view over Binnen-, Aussenalster and River Elbe.

Facts in a nutshell

August 20-23, 2013
Emporio Hamburg
Sponsorship Description
Call for ...
Deadline April 14: Presentations (Industry)
Deadline May 15: Papers (Research)
Closed: Call for Trainings
not open yet


AppSecEU is seeking for sponsors. We have several possibilities how you can promote your company, seek for employees and on the other side support the conference. Please find the description, pricing and possible items in a PDF here.

Call for {Presentations,Papers,Trainings}

We have there seperate "Calls":


Conference Orga

Dirk Wetter (Chair)
Kai Jendrian (Co-Chair)
Birgit Bernskötter (External)
Ingo Hanke
Boris Hemkemeier
Achim Hoffmann
Martin Johns
Hartwig Gelhausen
Tobias Glemser
Sebastien Deleersnyder
Kelly Santalucia
Sarah Baso

Contact: orga2013//lists/appsec/eu

Twitter: @appseceu
Twitter: @OWASP_de (German account)

Countdown Challenges

Win Free Tickets to AppSec EU Research 2013! here
Good luck!!

University Challenges

AppSec EU Research 2013 will have a OWASP University Challenges, details see here.

Capture the Flag

There will be a Capture the Flag event at AppSec EU Research 2013. Details will come sone here.