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Next June 21-24, 2010 the biggest Application Security event in Europe will take place at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

If you have any questions, please email the conference chair: ireland at



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Gold sponsors:
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Silver sponsors:
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For full sponsoring program see the Sponsoring tab above.

"AppSec Research".equals("AppSec Europe")

This conference was formerly known as OWASP AppSec Europe. We have added 'Research' to highlight that we invite both industry and academia. All the regular AppSec Europe visitors and topics are welcome along with contributions from universities and research institutes.

This simply is the European conference for anyone interested in or working with application security.

Countdown Challenges -- Free Tickets to Win!

There will be a challenge posted on the conference wiki page on the 21st every month up until the event. The winner gets a free entrance to the conference.

Organizing Committee

• John Wilander, chapter leader Sweden (chair)
• Mattias Bergling (vice chair)
• Alan Davidson, Stockholm University/Royal Institute of Technology (co-host)
• Ulf Munkedal, chapter leader Denmark
• Kåre Presttun, chapter leader Norway
• Stefan Pettersson (sponsoring coordinator)
• Carl-Johan Bostorp (schedule and event coordinator)
• Martin Holst Swende (coffee/lunch/dinner)
• Michael Boman (conference guide/attendee pack)
• Predrag Mitrovic, OWASP Sweden Board
• Kate Hartmann, OWASP
• Sebastien Deleersnyder, OWASP Board

June 21-22 (Training)


June 23

June 24


Registration not open yet

Note: To save on processing expenses, all fees paid for the OWASP conference are non-refundable. OWASP can accommodate transfers of registrations from one person to another, if such an adjustment becomes necessary.

Stay Informed ... and Tell Others

People subscribed to the conference mailing list. This was the official information channel and you'd be sure to get any updates and practical info before the conference.

People added the event to their LinkedIn profle to tell all their business contacts that AppSec Research 2010 was the place to be.

Then people got on the Twitter stream by using the tags #OWASP and #AppSecEU.

Conference Fees (June 23-24)

  • Regular registration: €350
  • OWASP individual member (not just chapter member): €300
  • Full-time students*: €225

* We need some kind of proof of your full-time student status. Either ask your local OWASP chapter leader to vouch for you by email to, or email Kate a scanned image of your student ID (please compress the file size :).

Training Fee (June 21-22)

  • Training fee is €990 for two days, see Training tab above

Practical Info

Tailor-Made Visitors' Guide

We have tailor-made a 15-page visitors' guide to the conference and Stockholm. With this guide you'll know how to get to and from the airport, find your way to the hotel and conference, know where good bars are, know when and how to tip etc. Check it out! pdf

Swedish Wall Plugs

This is how Swedish wall plugs look like (image below). The left one is not grounded and the right one is, having small metal connectors on the sides. Be sure to bring adapters, for instance like these, if your's look different.

Swedish wall plugs.jpg

Weather Forecast has good coverage of the weather in Stockholm. Checkit out here.


Stockholm's foremost international airport is Arlanda (ARN). Clean and convenient speed trains will take you between Arlanda and Stockholm Central in 20 minutes. You can also fly to Stockholm Skavsta (NYO) or Stockholm Västerås (VST) where coaches take you to Stockholm Central in 1 h 20 min.


You can choose hotel/hostel freely in Stockholm but we provided three suggestions with pre-booked rooms so many OWASPers are staying there. Check with sites like since they might have better prices than the hotels state themselves!

Stockholm map with hotels and public transportation.jpg

Subways and buses are convenient and safe and will take you right up to the venue (station/stop "Universitetet") from these three hotels:

Best Western Time Hotel
Why? Closest to the university, direct bus or subway to the conference
Best Western Time Hotel
Single room: 1395 SEK/€145/$195
Double room: 1575 SEK/€160/$220
(Rooms were pre-booked until May 18 under code "G#73641 OWASP")

Scandic Continental
Why? Right at the Central Station, convenient travel to and from airport, direct subway to the conference
Scandic Continental
Single room: 1590 SEK/€165/$220
Double room: 1690 SEK/€175/$235
(Rooms were pre-booked until early May under code "OWASP")

Fridhemsplan's Hostel
Why? Affordable stay in Stockholm's nicest hostel, direct bus to the conference
Fridhemsplan's Hostel
Rooms cost €35-€55 ($50-$80)
Book directly with them through their webpage.

Social Events

Official Meet Up at "Mosebacke", Tuesday, June 22

Regardless whether you're one of the lucky ones who will attend training or you'll just attend the conference you are invited to join us at "Mosebacke" on the evening the 22nd. Mosebacke is one of Stockholm's older establishments and is beautifully situated in the south of Stockholm city (only 2 subway stations from Central Station). The official meet up time is 20:00 CEST. We plan on beverage only, but for those who don't mind spending a little extra money on food, you can reserve a table for early evening by calling +46 8 556 098 90 during 2 pm - 5 pm (work days) or with some luck by e-mailing to

How will you recognize all the other OWASPers? Some of us will have OWASP-branded grey caps, some you met earlier, some you recognize from pictures, and if you hear any non-Swedish speaking male I guess chances are they're just like you - here for the AppSec conference :).

What: Informal gathering, beer etc.
When: 8 pm CEST
Where: Mosebacke, Mosebacke Torg 3 Google Maps
How to get there: Subway to "Slussen" (2 stops from "T-centralen"), best exit towards "Götgatan". Walk upwards but take the first left to "Hökens gata". Straight up on that one.
How to get there + short sightseeing: Walk from "T-centralen" along "Drottninggatan" towards Old Town, then towards Slussen and Götgatan. Takes about 30 minutes.

Hope to meet you there!

Gala Dinner at City Hall, Wednesday, June 23

All two-day conference attendees including sponsors are welcome to the official AppSec Gala Dinner at Stockholm City Hall on Wednesday June 23rd. We start with a drink at 6:30 pm and sit down for a three course dinner with entertainment at 7 pm. Don't be late.

What: Gala dinner, three course dinner with entertainment
Clothes: Nice pants/trousers + shirt or a suit is appropriate for men. Women have so many more choices so we opt-out of any suggestions. :)
When: 6:30 pm CEST
Where: City Hall, Ragnar Östbergs plan 1 Google Maps
How to get there: Walk from Central Station / "T-centralen"). Takes about 10 minutes. Or take a taxi/cab and tell the driver "City Hall, please"

Whatever you do, don't skip the gala dinner!


The venue for both training and conference is Aula Magna at Stockholm University.

Address (for instance for deliveries):
Aula Magna
Stockholms universitet
Frescativägen 6
SE-106 91 Stockholm

AppSec Research 2010 Aula Magna.jpg


Microsoft - Diamond Sponsor Google - Dinner Party and Expo Sponsor PortWise - Gold and Badge Sponsor Cybercom - Gold Sponsor Fortify - Gold Sponsor Omegapoint - Gold Sponsor Mnemonic - Silver Sponsor NIXU - Silver Sponsor High Performance Systems - Silver Sponsor F5 - Silver Sponsor Imperva - Silver Sponsor Promon - Silver Sponsor Stiftelsen för Internetinfrastruktur - Lunch Sponsor MyNethouse - Coffee Break Sponsor Help Net Security - Media Sponsor Trustwave - Notepad sponsor

We are still welcoming sponsors for OWASP AppSec Research 2010. Take the opportunity to support this year's major appsec event in Europe! The full sponsoring program is available as pdfs:

Sponsoring program in English: File:OWASP Sponsorship AppSec Research 2010 (eng).pdf

Sponsoring program in Swedish: File:OWASP Sponsorship AppSec Research 2010 (swe).pdf


Countdown Challenges -- Free Tickets to Win!

There will be a challenge posted on the conference wiki page the 21st every month up until the event. The winner will get free entrance to the conference. Be sure to sign up for the conference mailing list to get a monthly reminder.

AppSec Research Final Challenge: Internet Treasure Hunt

It's May 21st, one month to AppSec Research 2010, and the last chance to win a free ticket to this year's number one conference in appsec.

The Treasure Hunt in a Nutshell
Your mission is to find several small AppSec Research logotypes hidden among the websites of our sponsors and hosts. Every logo found is associated with a keyword (a dictionary word) in some way. When you've found all the keywords you email them to us.

OWASP AppSec Research 2010 logo by Daniel Kozlowski


  • Please don't do anything malicious during your hunt. And don't produce considerable load on the websites. You should be able to find the keywords anyway :).
  • To check if you found all keywords you compare the md5 of all keywords concatenated in alphabetical order with this hash: 1a7b54ba9cee6cccd9890e7800b83208
  • You can calculate the hash by doing the following in a shell: echo "Keywords concatenated in alphabetical order" | md5
  • To ensure your hash function produces the same as our you can try: echo "owasp" | md5 ... which should result in the hash 2bdce47b1a6c527b134d4b658b033702

How to Win
To win you email all keywords (not the hash) concatenated in alphabetical order to stefan dot pettersson at owasp dot org. Stefan will let you know if you were the first one with the correct answer!


  • You found three logos and the keywords were: golf, king, apple
  • You calculate the hash by doing: echo "applegolfking" | md5
  • If the hash matches 1a7b54ba9cee6cccd9890e7800b83208 you email applegolfking to Stefan.

Let the best hunter win!