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[[Media:SlayingDragons-ccbysa30nz.pdf|How MITM Proxy has been slaying SSL Dragons - Jim Cheetham]]
[[Media:SlayingDragons-ccbysa30nz.pdf|How MITM Proxy has been slaying SSL Dragons - Jim Cheetham]]
[[Media:OWASP_defending-MITMA_APAC2012.pdf|Defending MITMA - Tobias Gondrom]]

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Keynote: Web Application Security: Connecting the Dots - Jeremiah Grossman

Keynote: Software Security Goes Mobile - Jacob West

Keynote: OWASP Where we are ... Where we are going - Justin Clarke and Justin Searle

HTTP Fingerprinting - Eldar 'Wireghoul' Marcussen

Shake Hands with BeEF - Christian “@xntrik” Frichot

OWASP Project:Secure Coding Quick Reference Guide - Justin Clarke

OWASP Project: Zed Attack Proxy - Simon Bennets

Web Crypto for the Developer Who Has Better Things to Do - Adrian Hayes

Application Security Logging - the Next Frontier - Peter Frieberg

Effective Software Development in a PCI DSS Environment - Bruce Ashton

Advanced Mobile Application Code Review Techniques - Prashant Verma and Dinesh Shetty

Password Less Authentication - Srikar Sagi

Static Code Analysis and Governance - Jonathan Carter

Pentesting Smart Grid Apps - Justin Searle

Anatomy of a Logic Flaw - Charles Henderson & Daniel Crowley

Overcoming the Quality vs. Quantity Problem in Software Security Testing - Raf Los

Mobile Security on iOS and Android - Mike Park

Harder Better Faster Stronger (SQLi) Luke Jahnke and Louis Nyffenegger

Effective Security Education and Related OWASP Projects - Sandeep Nain

Rethinking Web Application Architecture for Cloud - Arshad Noor

Rise of the Planet Anonymous - Errazudin Ishak

The Risks that Pen Tests Don't Find - Gary Gaskell

Pentesting Mobile Applications - Tony Liu & Rainman Wu

How MITM Proxy has been slaying SSL Dragons - Jim Cheetham

Defending MITMA - Tobias Gondrom