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Advertising at OWASP

Current Rates

A banner advertisement on OWASP Foundation is a great way to raise awareness

2011 - $2,500 USD per month

Contact us if you would like to learn more.

Newsletter Advertising

OWASP publishes a quarterly newsletter and will offer a limited number of advertisments to be placed in this newsletter.

  • Distribution Method: The newsletter is initially pushed out via email to over 25,000 OWASP Members and participants. It is posted on our website along with prior versions. The newsletter is also available in hardcopy format for print on demand
  • Advertising specs:
  • Advertising Prices:


The web site gets more traffic than most IT security related websites. OWASP is dedicated to securing software applications and mainly attracts developers, system architects, project managers, and security specialists who are working in the field or looking to understand more about the topic.

We value all who visit our site and while we need to sell advertising to maintain our site, we are respectful of our readers. We will never sell or give away our registration lists under any circumstances. The following chart displays the percentage of all users on the internet who access OWASP on a daily basis:


OWASP offers a 468x60 banner ad space on the home page and local chapter pages. We allow up to a maximum of 3 advertisers to purchase a spot in the rotation.

OWASP adopts the following policy.

  • The OWASP Board of Directors reserves the right to refuse any advert for any reason by vote.
  • All adverts will be marked as Paid Advertisements
  • All banner adverts must be exactly 468 x 60 pixels and use no more than 256 colors
  • All banner adverts must not simulate flashing text or images
  • All banner adverts must use no more than three rotating images (gif) which must not rotate more frequently than 5 seconds per image

Available Slots

Available slots may change without notice. Please contact Kate Hartmann to confirm available dates.


Please contact us at to inquire about advertising at OWASP.