Abridged XSS Prevention Cheat Sheet

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Cross site scripting is the most common web vulnerability. It represents a serious threat because cross site scripting allows evil attacker code to run in a victim’s browser. More details about XSS can be found here: https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Cross-site_Scripting_%28XSS%29

XSS Prevention Overview

Data Type Context Code Sample Defense
String HTML Body <span>UNTRUSTED DATA</span>
String HTML Attribute, quoted <span id="UNTRUSTED DATA"></span>
  • HTML Entity Encode single and double quotes
String HTML Attribute, unquoted <span id=UNTRUSTED DATA></span>
String GET Parameter <a href="/site/search?value=UNTRUSTED DATA">clickme</a>
String Untrusted URL rendered in an HREF tag
(or other HTML link contexts)
<a href="UNTRUSTED DATA">clickme</a>
  • URL Validation
  • reject javascript: URL’s
  • Whitelist http, https and other safe URL types
  • Attribute encoding
  • safe URL verification
String CSS <div style="width: UNTRUSTED DATA;">Selection</div>
String JavaScript <script>var currentValue='UNTRUSTED DATA';</script>
  • Ensure JavaScript variables are quoted
  • JavaScript Hex Encoding
  • JavaScript Unicode Encoding
String JavaScript Event Handler Attribute <input type="button" onclick="UNTRUSTED DATA" .../>
  • Ensure UNTRUSTED DATA is quoted
  • JavaScript Hex or Unicode Encoding but NO backslash encoding (\" or \' or \\)
HTML Text HTML Body <span>UNTRUSTED HTML</span>
String DOM XSS

Output Encoding Types

Encoding Type Encoding Mechanism
HTML Entity Encoding & --> &amp;
< --> &lt;
> --> &gt;
" --> &quot;
' --> &#x27; ' is not recommended
/ --> &#x2F; forward slash is included as it helps end an HTML entity
HTML Attribute Encoding TODO
URL Encoding TODO
JavaScript HEX Encoding TODO
CSS Hex Encoding TODO

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