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(Membership and Business Liaison: Kelly Santalucia)
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[[Image:Owasp_logo_icon.jpg|120 px|left]]
[[Image:Owasp_logo_icon.jpg|120 px|left]]
====AR/AP Bookkeeping/Payroll (Contractors)====
Services Provided by: [ Virtual Management Inc.]
[[Image:HugoCosta.jpg|120 px|left]]
====Graphic Design: [ Hugo Costa] (Contractor)====
====Graphic Design: [ Hugo Costa] (Contractor)====
* Based in Portugal
* Based in Portugal

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Employees and Contractors of the OWASP Foundation

Owasp logo icon.jpg

Executive Director - Karen Staley

The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization

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Community Manager: Tiffany Long

  • Based in San Francisco
  • Key areas of responsibility: Attracting, motivating and retaining volunteers and security professionals to contribute to OWASP Projects and the OWASP Chapter community; Mobilize volunteers to help address security issues in large software systems/applications/frameworks; Strengthening OWASP Chapters and abilities to spread message of OWASP through locally organized and run events;Building a scalable OWASP training program that spreads security training to developers around the world. Job Description: OWASP Community Manager

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Senior Project Technical Coordinator: Vacant

  • Key areas of responsibility: Senior Project Coordinator is responsible for setting the direction and oversight of the OWASP Projects operational infrastructure that provides support to the project leaders within the OWASP Organization. This position includes oversight of the operational processes, policies, and procedures that enable OWASPs Project Leaders and contributors to successfully run their open source software projects. This role is not responsible for project management of individual OWASP Projects within the OWASP Project infrastructure.

Owasp logo icon.jpg

Project Coordinator: Claudia Aviles-Casanovas

  • Based in - New Jersey, USA
  • Key areas of responsibility: Oversight of the OWASP Projects operational infrastructure that provides support to the project leaders within the OWASP Organization.
  • Job Description: OWASP Project Coordinator

Profile Pic.png

Membership and Business Liaison: Kelly Santalucia

  • Based in New Jersey - USA
  • Key areas of responsibility: Individual and Corporate Memberships, Sponsorships, Co-Marketing Agreements, Advertising, Election, and Waspy Awards
  • Job Description: OWASP Membership & Business Liaison

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Program Assistant: Dawn Aitken

  • Based in New Jersey - USA
  • Key areas of responsibility: Customer service and data management.
  • Job Description: Administrative Assistant

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Event Manager: Laura Grau

  • Based in Bay Area, California - USA
  • Key areas of responsibility: Global AppSec Conference planning, execution, and wrap up; management of OWASP event policies
  • Job Description: OWASP Event Manager

Owasp logo icon.jpg

Finance and Administration Tom Papas (Contractor)

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Graphic Design: Hugo Costa (Contractor)

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IT Contractor: VACANT (Contractor)

  • IT Support (Website, Wiki, Mailing Lists, Employee Desktops, Related System Administration

OWASP HR Resources