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== Gold Sponsors (Listed Alphabetically) ==
== Gold Sponsors (Listed Alphabetically) ==
<div style="font-size:150%">Visit [http://www.netspi.com/ NetSPI]</div>

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We kindly thank our sponsors for their support. Please help us keep future BASCs free by visiting our sponsors.

Platinum Sponsors (Listed Alphabetically)

Core Security Technologies

Visit Core Security Technologies


Visit Rapid7

SafeLight Security

Visit SafeLight Security

Security Innovation

Visit Security Innovation

Gold Sponsors (Listed Alphabetically)


Visit NetSPI


Visit Trustwave

WhiteHat Security

Visit WhiteHat Security

Silver Sponsors (Listed Alphabetically)

Source Conference

Visit Source Conference

Stach & Liu

Visit Stach & Liu

You can find out more about this conference at the BASC homepage: http://www.owasp.org/index.php/2011_BASC_Homepage.
Conference Organizer: Jim Weiler