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* Speakers Details:  TBD <!-- [[2010_BASC_Speakers | Speakers]] -->
* Speakers Details:  TBD <!-- [[2010_BASC_Speakers | Speakers]] -->
* Presentation Details: TBD <!-- [[2010_BASC_Presentations | Presentations]] -->
* Presentation Details: TBD <!-- [[2010_BASC_Presentations | Presentations]] -->
* Call for papers: [[2010_BASC_Call_For_Papers | 2010 BASC CALL FOR PAPERS]]
* Call for papers: [[2011_BASC_Call_For_Papers | 2011 BASC CALL FOR PAPERS]]
{{2010 BASC:Section Template | Registration}}
{{2010 BASC:Section Template | Registration}}

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This is the homepage for the 2011 Boston Application Security Conference (BASC). This free conference will take place on Saturday, October 29th at Microsoft New England Research and Development Center (NERD).

The BASC will be a free, one day, informal conference, aimed at increasing awareness and knowledge of application security in the greater Boston area. While many of the presentations will cover state-of-the-art application security concepts, the BASC is intended to appeal to a wide-array of attendees. Application security professionals, professional software developers, software quality engineers, computer science students, and security software vendors should be able to come to the BASC, learn, and hopefully enjoy themselves at the same time.

The Details


Admission to the BASC is free but registration is required for breakfast, lunch, and the evening social time. We will do everything possible to accommodate late registrants but the facility and food are limited.

Call For Papers

We are accepting presentation proposals. If you are interested in being a presenter at the 2011 BASC, you can read the complete 2011 BASC CALL FOR PAPERS.

We kindly thank our sponsors for their support.
Please help us keep future BASCs free by viewing and visiting all of our sponsors.

Gold Sponsors
Auric Systems International Fortify Palo Alto Networks WhiteHat Security

You can find out more about this conference at the BASC homepage: http://www.owasp.org/index.php/2010_BASC_Homepage.
Conference Organizer: Jim Weiler