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What is .NetMon?

  • An Open Source .Net Profiling Tool (Developed by Dinis Cruz and originally released by Foundstone) for Security Auditing .Net Applications which has the following features:
    • Designed With Security Audit In Mind, Which Defers it from other .Net Profilers.
    • Normal and ASP.Net Applications Can Be Profiled,
    • The tool is capable of monitoring the process flow for every thread created by the process. The tool is capable of following the flow trace by thread or by process.
    • Performs a call trace of all the functions from the starting of the .NET process
    • Provides a count of number function calls made for the process in real time
    • Allows analysis and filtration of Particullar Namespaces,Classes, and Methodes During Profiling.
    • Provides a tree structure to follow all the nested calls that have been logged from the start of the .NET process.
    • Import and Export of The Treeview Structure To Xml Format For Further Analysis.


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