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===Areas of Concern===
===Areas of Concern===
*Application Lifecycle
*Conceptual Architecture
*Conceptual Architecture
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[ Patterns and Practices Security Wiki]
[ Patterns and Practices Security Wiki]
[ Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle 3.2]

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.NET Security Quick Reference

.NET Security for Architects

Security concerns must be addressed at the architectural level. This section is to provide tools and guidance for the .NET architect.

Areas of Concern

  • Application Lifecycle
  • Conceptual Architecture
  • Security Requirements & Threat Modeling
  • Design Review
  • Requirements Testing
  • Implementation
  • Separating Roles - Build Systems and Software Promotion


ASP.NET Security Architecture

Security Engineering

Solutions to SOA Security

Web Service Specifications


International Association of Software Architects

Patterns and Practices

Patterns and Practices Security Wiki

Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle 3.2