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== Introduction  ==
This page intends to provide quick basic .NET security tips for developers.
===The .NET Framework===
The .NET Framework is Microsoft's principal platform for line of business development. It is the supporting API for ASP.NET, Windows Desktop applications, Windows Communication Foundation services, SharePoint, Visual Studio Tools for Office and other technologies.
===Updating the Framework===
The .NET Framework is kept up-to-date by Microsoft with the Windows Update service. Developers do not normally need to run seperate updates to the Framework. Windows update can be accessed at or from the Windows Update program on a Windows computer.
==.NET Framework Guidance==
==ASP.NET Web Forms Guidance==
==ASP.NET MVC Guidance==
==XAML Guidance==
==Windows Forms Guidance==
==WCF Guidance==
== Authors and Primary Editors  ==
Troy Hunt - troyhunt [at]<br/>
Bill Sempf - bill [at]<br/>
Patrick Leclerc - [at]<br/>
Jerry Hoff - jerry.hoff [at]<br/>
== Other Cheatsheets ==

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