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* [https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_O2_Platform OWASP O2 Platform]
* [https://www.owasp.org/index.php/OWASP_O2_Platform OWASP O2 Platform]
* [https://www.owasp.org/index.php/.NET_Web_Service_Validation .NET Web Service Validation]
[[Category:OWASP .NET Project]]
[[Category:OWASP .NET Project]]

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What articles, content or general feedback do you have for the OWASP .NET Project?

Feel free to leave ideas here to improve this section of the OWASP site. We hope to incorporate your suggestions into the .NET Project. For more information on what we are doing now, please check out the OWASP .Net Project Roadmap.

Thank you for your contribution.


  • Using Rfc2898DeriveBytes for PBKDF2
  • Windows Identity Foundation
  • AntiXssEncoder
  • Exception Handling
  • Anti CSRF Tokens ASP.NET
  • Memory Management
  • ClickOnce Deployment
  • .NET Callbacks - Vulnerabilities and Remediation
  • ASP.NET Request Validation
  • Dependency Injection
  • IoC containers
  • Threat Modelling


Some of these are in the ESAPI, and perhaps should be broken into smaller more manageable projects

  • Output Encoder
  • HTTP Utilities
  • HTML Sanitizer
  • Unit Test Integration
  • Static Code Analysis