.NET Penetration Testing

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.NET Security Quick Reference

.NET Penetration Testing

Plan, Discover, Attack and Report - this section is for tools, checklists and references for penetration testing .NET web applications and services.

Areas of Concern

  • Planning the hack
  • Ethically hacking
  • Attack Vectors
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Reporting

Blogs, Articles & Projects

OWASP .NET Vulnerability Research

MSDN Hackers

MSDN Magazine: Security Briefs: Penetration Testing

Wrong Way to Do Penetration Testing

Online Media (Podcasts, Webcasts, Presentations, eBooks etc.)

MSDN Webcast: Penetration Testing with Visual Studio Team System and Fortify Security Tester

Penetration Testing for Web Applications Part 1 (PDF) link broken 2011.05.04 14.14 PM (GMT+7)

Penetration Testing for Web Applications Part 2 (PDF) link broken 2011.05.04 14.14 PM (GMT+7)


Rooting the CLR (Draft)

NIST 800-42 Guideline on Network Security Testing

ISECOM Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual

OISSG Information Systems Security Assessment Framework (ISSAF)


Source Code Audit Tools