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Having a background and education in software development, I started working in infosec on January 2011, primarily freelance. Since summer 2013, I started working for Hewlett-Packard LM Security Center of Excellence.

Currently I am a Senior Information Security Engineer in HP LM SCoE. There I've been responsible for: - Continuous manual penetration testing of HP software products; - Developing tools in-house for assisted manual, semi-automated and, where applicable, fully automated security testing; - Security defects management and oversight over the process of their fixing; - Working with R&D departments to harden security posture of software systems and features in development; - Eradicating insecure coding practices and introducing information security industry standards; - Cooperating with security teams inside and outside of HP for increased efficiency; - Conducting security trainings for personnel outside security department; - Many more smaller miscellaneous information security assurance related responsibilities.