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Tommy T. Xaypanya leads the research and development efforts at REMTCS, INC. and has co-founded and developed several of the company's technological patents and intellectual assets. Tommy has over 16 years of expertise in information security, application development, machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI), offensive and defensive cyber strategy, and business management. Prior to joining REMTCS, Tommy owned and operated an independent security practice and held positions as a major-account manager for national & regional technology companies. Tommy also designed security-focused AI-integrated applications and managed security related engineering projects for enterprise & public organizations.

Tommy specializes in Machine Learning, Neural Network, Incident Control, A.I. Computational Biology, Neural Networking Algorithm, Computer Vision, Human Language Tech, Semantic Technologies, Security Audits, Octave Methodology, Security Compliance - PCI & HIPAA, Offensive Security Procedures, and Cyber Warfare strategy.

Graduated with honors from: Ole Miss 2006 - B.A., Carnegie Mellon University 2009 - Computer Security Incident Control, Ole Miss 2010 - MBA, UC Berkeley 2012 - ECS, Artificial Intelligences, Vanderbilt University Law 2013 - J.D., Intellectual Property & Cyber Legal.