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In 1991, after obtaining an msc in computer science from Geneva Engineering School, Sylvain Maret joined Swiss TV in Geneva. Sylvain Maret helped the Swiss TV to build a new network for delivering innovative and reliable solutions such as a new digital newsroom. Sylvain Maret also built the first Internet architecture for Swiss TV (1993). He was in charge of Internet Security (Firewall, Unix Hardening, DNS, Router ACL, Web application, Authentication, Socks and SMTP gateway).

In 1996 Mr Maret was hired as Security Engineer by Dimension Data (formely Datelec), the largest IT security company for Switzerland. For 5 years he built a security team for the Switzerland market. Sylvain was in charge of deployment, training, product management and security consulting. During this time Sylvain Maret was a PKI & Cryptography teacher, a Checkpoint CCSI Instructor and Ethical Hacking specialist. In 1997, Sylvain Maret patented the first generation of SSL Reverse Proxy (WAF) with Strong Perimeter Authentication (OTP SecurID, Radius, S/Key, Digital Certificate X509, OCSP: a product named Secure Gate

In 2001, Sylvain Maret founded e-Xpert Solutions SA in Geneva. During 8 years Sylvain was the CTO. He led e-Xpert Solutions for new technology business development mainly in Strong Authentication, Web Security, Web SSO, PKI, biometry and SOA Security. Sylvain Maret was mainly involved in new technology deployment, Proof of Concept and Consulting.

As a result, in 2009, Sylvain Maret founded a new consulting firm (MARET Consulting Sarl) with a sole aim: to help companies to deal with manage security technology mainly for Digital Identity Security.

Sylvain writes regularly in Technical papers and he is a Lecturer at Geneva University and a leading Security expert for University of Applied Sciences, Yverdon and Geneva.


Digital Identity Security PKI & Cryptography Identity Validation (OCSP, SCVP) Biometry / Match on Card Strong Authentication Smart Card Web Security Web Services Security Federaded Identity SSO & Web SSO Identity Management DLP Encryption SAML, OpenID Security Architecture Security Audit