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Owen graduated in 2009 from Dundalk Institute of Technology, with a degree in Computer Applications and Support and an honours degree in IT Management specialising in web application development and networking. In 2009, Owen completed an MSc in Security & Forensic Computing from Dublin City University.

Owen has been involved in the OWASP Foundation since 2009. He started out attending OWASP Dublin meetings and helping to facilitate chapter meetings and security workshops. Eventually, he took on the role of Dublin board member and then chapter lead a couple of years later. He has been an extremely active member of the security community and has strived to help drive and improve security best practice at a Global level through his commitment to the OWASP foundation. Owen has been an active and dedicated chapter leader, who has organised regular activities for the OWASP Dublin chapter that benefit the local information security community greatly over the past 7 years. Some of the projects that Owen has been involved in include, AppSec EU 2016/2017 Committee/ Training Committee chair , DaggerCon, Cyber Startup Summit, Source Dublin, Advanced Threat Intelligence Seminars, Cyber Security Summer Camp for school kids and OWASP Women in AppSec Committee/ mentoring.

Owen has over 7 years’ penetration testing experience, working as part of a global attack & penetration team for a number organisations including a “Big 4” professional services company. With in-depth experience of application and network penetration testing Owen has worked with many local and global institutions to improve their security posture. Owen is currently a manager in Deloitte Ireland.

Owen has also been involved in local education bodies, architecting a masters in cyber security and helping a number of students and experienced individuals find their way in to the security community by making himself available to through all media.

Owen has also performed numerous web application, network, mobile, specialised technologies (ATM), device penetration tests for major organisations in the financial services, banking and pharmaceutical sectors, consisting of ‘black-box’, ‘white-box’ and ‘grey-box’ testing.


John Doherty Msc Security & Forensic Computing

Owen was my lecturer for Security in NCI. His class and teaching made me seek a further interest in the cyber security field. Even after college I kept in touch with him and he gave me advice and encouraged me to do a masters in security in DCU.

Since then Owen pointed me to the OWASP mailing list which keeps me updated on chapter meetings which I regularly attend and also cyber security job postings and courses. The speakers that have attended have been very interesting and informative.

Owen is now advising/helping me with my DCU masters practicum.

‪Mark Denihan OWASP Security Shepherd Project Lead

Owen is the model chapter lead, who has been extremely active and dedicated in the Dublin Space. His enthusiasm and perseverance for OWASP is inspiring. He has made significant impacts on the Information Security community through the regular activities for the OWASP Dublin chapter he has organised and the contributions he's made to other security entities (Daggercon 2015).

Fabio Cerullo Managing Director at Cycubix

‪Owen is an active and dedicated chapter leader, who organises regular activities for the OWASP Dublin chapter and that benefit greatly the local information security community.

Jason flood CTO of Security Gamification at IBM

‪Owen is a fantastic example of a dedicated security professional. I have worked with Owen for more than 5 years across various projects. He is a very active member of the security community and helps to drive and improve security best practice at a Global level through his commitment to the OWASP group. Owen is an asset that helps to improve Ireland's security capabilities with a real can-do attitude.