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Nitin arya99.jpeg --Nitin arya 22:21, 15 December 2011 (UTC)

== Nitin Arya | Offensive Security Certified Expert(OSCE) :Email Me

Hello and welcome to my user page at You'll find some details about my public work and things i have done for the Web and Application Security.

About Me

Contact me if you need to fix or break an app.

I mostly work on contract projects but yes our strength lies in projects like OWASP and whenever i am free i try to contribute something t our open source community directly or indirectly.
My Work I am currently working for agency that helps in making internet a safe place with its solution on data integrity.
Here i am Working on =* OWASP aw00t Project *= .
NIC - CDAC - PWC - P1SEC - Vulnhunt - Arm****..................cont.