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I believe in multidisciplinary security perspective. I think being secure or thinking about the nature of security has a very deep meaning and as most of you know it is a process not a product.

I am interested in not only information security topics but also every kind of security concept and approach in both real and cyber life.

I have deep knowledge about Terrorism, Perception Management, Conflict Management, Organized Crime, the Process of Being Criminal, Psychological Warfare, Social Theories of Criminology and Criminal Behaviors, Construction and Deconstruction in social range.

Additionally, I am also interested in Penetration Testing, Risk Analysis, PCI DSS, Organized Cyber Crime, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Security Procedures Protocols and Standards..

Besides that, I have experience with audience management, conflict management, group motivation, etc from my "Basketball Coaching Career".

I am also very familiar with brand management and marketing strategies and also holding "BMG Marketing Certificate" accredited from "European School of Economics".

I am having hands on experience with "New Product Development Process" and "Business Process Engineering" by long term projects.

Additionally, I am also holding "OSSTMM OPST" and "Foreign Politics" Certificates.