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Harish Chowdhary is a young, motivated and dynamic Software Quality Engineer at Aricent Group. He is passionate for Security and Penetration Testing to safeguard Data from hackers. He is a keen orator and has won himself highest position by participating in testing conference organized at QA InfoTech. He is a member of since 2008 and working as a freelance Technical writer. His articles have also made it to a Software Testing Magazine – ‘Testing Circus’. He is information security researcher and penetration tester, also working with PenTest and Hak9 magazine. Harish is a Master of Computer Application from Guru Gobind Singh IndraPrastha University,Delhi,India,. Harish holds Diploma in Software Engineering and Software Testing (QAI GLOBAL) and is also Microsoft certified SQL 2005 professional. He also presented at 11th International Software Testing Conference (STC 2011, Bangalore). He has given training to more than 1000 college students about information security. He is actively involved with the usage and functionality and research of METASPLOIT FRAMEWORK.