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Entered the computer field as an RPG programmer at a software company writing Radio and TV station scheduling software. Continued in RPG programming in the Airline industry, where I encountered Personal Computers and started scripting and programming in BASIC and Turbo Pascal, as well as moving into the mainframe arena, using COBOL and PL/1. Moved out of the IBM environment and began writing applications for Wang and DEC computers before moving permanently into the n-tier world writing applications in PowerBuilder/Sybase, Visual Basic/Visual Studio/Delphi/SQL Server/Oracle. Stopped renewing my Certified Data Processor (CDP) certification, and obtained MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solution Developer). Became an independent consultant and began to specialize in working for smaller companies, necessitating development of expertise in networks, servers, and operating systems, principally Windows servers and various flavors of Unix. Dived into the World Wide Web and bought a Sun Server to host client web sites, which brought an interest in security by necessity. Accepted position as Technology Director and began building enterprise systems and becoming more aware of security. Moved into the Federal Government arena while working for a DOD contractor and gained exposure to non-commercial security perspective. Overhauled enterprise system for a construction company as Network Administrator/Security officer and encountered configuration of heavy iron routers, gateways, T1s, and for the first time, wireless networks with all of the new security problems. Added integrated VOIP phones and obtained GIAC GSEC Gold Security Certification. Moved to local government and concentrated on interfaces, both Microsoft (C#/.Net) and Unix/Linux (Axis2/Java), Oracle and SQL Server, and cross communication, SSL/TLS, WS-Security along with Criminal Justice Security standards.